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Congratulations! you have finally found a practical Home Care Scheduling System. Spectrum TeleTrack is a Cloud Based Home Care Scheduling, Tracking, Billing, and Management System that allows you to focus on what truly matters . . . Effectively growing your business.
Are you a TeleTrack Candidate?

If you answer Yes to any of the following questions:

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  • I am a startup, and I don’t have days to learn another System.
  • My current Scheduling System is far too complicated.
  • We can never get our Scheduling vendor on the phone. It is always E-mail, Chat, or Watch a Video.
  • I spend 80% of my time managing my business, and 20% growing the business. It should be the other way around.
  • My Payroll and Invoice Back Office Integrations are inadequate, or they do not work properly.
  • My current System lacks the reports I require to the maximize the profitability of my business.
  • My current Scheduling Vendor does not offer QuickBooks Support Services.

A Total Home Care Scheduling Solution

Software Integrations

Spectrum communicates seamlessly
with leading business software.
Here are a few.

TeleTrack’s Smartphone App Speeds Caregiver Clock-ins and Improve Accuracy

● Android and IOS Apps
● Integrated Caregiver Portal
● Precise GPS Arrival / Departure Clockins
● Enter Visit Notes Upon Departure
● Enter Mileage
● Obtain Client Signatures
● Real Time Volunteer for On Call Service
● Integrated Texting
● Off Line Clock in

TeleTrack’s Smartphone App
Speeds Caregiver Clock-ins
and Improves Accuracy

  • Android and IOS Apps
  • Integrated Caregiver Portal
  • Precise GPS Arrival / Departure Clockins
  • Enter Visit Notes Upon Departure
  • Enter Mileage
  • Obtain Client Signatures
  • Real-time Volunteer for On-Call Service
  • Integrated Texting
  • Off-line Clock in

Home Care Scheduling Made Simple

TeleTrack Scheduling will bring about discipline, accountability, and professionalism within your business that is difficult to achieve in any other way . . .
This will result in bottom line dollars.

TeleTrack Scheduling reflects over 20 years of product evolution. The intuitive screen layouts have been designed by experienced Agency Owners, not software engineers. Speed and Simplicity are the key.

Consider the Following:

  • Easy to Learn – All aspects of the TeleTrack Scheduling are designed to be intuitive. Gone are the days or pouring over manuals and watching videos.

  • Speed and Accessibility – All screens can be accessed in two mouse clicks or less.

  • Fast Set Up – Many TeleTrack Users begin programming their new System right after their first demonstration. Many are up and running the same day.

  • Caregiver and Family Portals – Both Caregivers and Family Members can view schedules, clock ins, Visit Notes, and Internal Messaging through their own private Web Portals, passcode protected.

  • Caregiver Training is Minimal – Caregivers can clock in and out of TeleTrack with virtually no training. TeleTrack’s intuitive Smartphone Apps walk Caregivers through the more advanced inputs.

  • Seamless Back Office Product Integrations – Streamline all aspects of your business. (See the Product Integration Section)

  • QuickBooks Desktop & On-Line Integration – (Web Service API)

  • Waystar Clearing House Integration

    • 1500 – Professional Claims
    • UB504 Forms
  • Payroll – QuickBooks, ADP, PAYCHEX, & Oasis

  • Home Care Pulse Surveys

  • Relias Online Caregiver Training

  • FOB Integration

  • EVV Aggregation – New states being added all the time

  • Fran Connect

  • Direct Missouri eMomed Billing

    • Round Down Tracking lost units
    • Multi NPI Administration (CDS and In-Home on 1 platform)

TeleTrack Scheduling will Maximize your Agency’s profitability . . . .

Manage and Maximize Your Revenue Stream

TeleTrack provides the reports necessary to break down and understand your revenue stream. Generate custom reports by date range that isolate Revenue / Profit / Loss as follows:

  • By Client / Caregiver

  • By Referral Source

  • By Rate Plan

  • By Skill Set

  • By Group

  • By Territory

  • By City

  • Lost Visits

  • And More

TeleTrack is designed with screens that allow your staff to easily update and maintain visit data in real time. When the end of the week arrives, you will be ready to bill.

TeleTrack provides state of the art Back Office Integration tools that allow you to generate Billing and Payroll in minutes, not hours, and days. All data is passed electronically. All data is accurate and no data is lost.

Reduce Administrative Costs

The efficiencies afforded by TeleTrack will reduce the number of administrative hours required to support your business. In turn, these hours can be utilized to take advantage of Revenue growth opportunities. In some cases, reduction in staff size may be accomplished.

Virtualize your Agency

TeleTrack allows all aspects of your business to be managed from anywhere. The benefits of virtualization include: less travel time for admin staff, reduced office space / rent, faster response, and of course improved bottom line.

There are a number of intangibles that differentiate TeleTrack from all of the other Home Care Scheduling Systems.

Intuitive Design and Extensive Feature Set

Although the feature set is extensive, TeleTrack is designed in a fashion that allows you launch your system at a low level, and evolve as you address issues within your business. In effect, we have a product for everyone.

Depth of our Experience

The depth of our staff’s general business experience sets us apart. Spectrum was established in January 1980. During the past 40 years, we have provided consulting and custom software solutions for the Healthcare Industry. This experience allows us to focus on the aspects that truly impact your business.

Hands On Home Care Experience

After selling his business on 2009, Chris Callahan joined Spectrum. Chris had owned and operated 7 Comfort Keepers Franchises in the Chicago area, and was acknowledged as one of the top CK operators in the country. Chris brought the “hands on” experience that has allowed Spectrum to evolve the TeleTrack Scheduling System into a world class platform.

All of our help desk personnel have worked in Home Care Agencies as Schedulers prior to joining TeleTrack. Their expertise is unparalleled.

We are QuickBooks Experts

In addition to Home Care Scheduling, our support team are QuickBooks experts. We understand how to configure your QuickBooks in a fashion that will achieve the ultimate QuickBooks integration experience.

VA Billing

The support team also has a complete understanding of VA billing from state to state. We integrate with all state VA programs.

Our Home Care Software Integrations

The TeleTrack platform is designed to accommodate Private Duty, VA, Medicaid, and Insurance Clients in a common Scheduling environment. We also support EVV Aggravation / Integration in a number of states. TeleTrack has been programmed and configured to support the HHA, Sandata, and CareBridge EVV Aggregation environments.